Poems for People (birds) Who Care – no. 4 ‘Paradise Lovers’

 In Poetry

Paradise Lovers


Paradise Male bops feathers to bull-frog chirp and monkey-caw

this evening the forest feels electric 

Female will scale his dance-floor


Paradise male slicked-back, chest-puffed, legs 

bent on pouncing begins 

tender ground-work


eyes shook, catastrophizing 

his arena’s dust is distressed




Paradise Male collects red berries 

     orbs to light her way

shirks mess with snakeskin 

from her high perch


he is reformed


throat inflamed

once blue eye 

winks yellow 



Paradise Female dives

through fluorescent canopy

lands, quiet as Fate




Her brown down conceals

tail quivers, beak braced


four weapon-eyes at Sun-down


so humbly pumped on adrenaline


Para-Male steps on-stage



black cape sprung behind him

breast-shield traffic-light green

antenna feathers swinging 

crown-jewels of a bird-deity


he begins vigorous side-stepping

juggling her response


Paradise Male scales her high-wire branch

she is swayed by special effects


They lock wings in a kind war of flying, shrieking, intent.



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