The Churn & Burn Communications Office ~ a poem in Cerasus

 In Poetry


(Published in the inaugural edition of Cerasus Magazine Feb 2024)


40 urgent telegrams in white windows –

please find / please advise / please pick-up…meaning now / mid-morning-afternoon / EOP –

Smaller broadcast crisis / voice-shaped / about client needs – wants-desires / begin falling off the edge of note-book-

pushed to a wireless call / trapezius muscles hunching grey-matter / bleeping fatigue –

answer the telephone / you’re on it / bear with me-many apologies-two-secs / I’ll continue at home -until 9pm / anytime-do you have any info? Promise…


Voice message creeps back-3pm-before the day’s shares text – at 5.30pm / barking like a dog near pylons / Girls-jealous-daring you to leave before / time, / it’s resolved /eyes buffering –

Say – I have to be in central by 6.30pm-meet an old friend- take The Underground/ my Mum / The Church bells toll in Little Town / beyond registered offices-at home /

You are guilty / Voice crisis spreads smoke-signals towards 5.45pm / Meanwhile /

highest priority document / stacked front four / due and no one has mentioned / Quietly / move – device-coat-bag-lunch-pack-laptop-slung-lifted-stuffed /

Girls watching / Hating authority-your requests-four walls-you-money-education-background-shirt-relationships with men-family /

Questions rise hoping to catch out / You utter caring less.


London 7pm / darkened /lamp-lit for home time / coats smarter – Canon St / hair better – South Kensington / Canary Wharf – lost in search of DLR connection/ quick health food /

Everyone alights-the same stop /you are travelling to anomaly postcode in / try-hard attire and scent / all rent-lunch-no respite abroad /

stressed skin-bi-monthly blow-dry / food disorganised / laundry-full and wet waiting to empty /carpet afire with online post-snacks-laundry /

Zoom with Mother and Father who stare at words / not knowing how to help /

Your broken dreamabout universities you didn’t go to-the boy you didn’t date / who loves you then fades-in one inhalation / you fear loss-a dust-truck reverses/ outside / 6.30am…


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