Poems for People Who Care: The Charioteer – for Captain Tom

 In Poetry

The Charioteer

–  in honour of Captain Tom & the Rider-Waite tarot imagery.


He knows focus 

is a game of pretend

is a painter’s trick

suitable for all eyes


anyone can cancel out

peripheral vision

like the Channel Tunnel

or an unblinkered horse.


Every Charioteer thinks

of the finish line before 

entering the gate

high on crowd on

sweet gold ride

collar, cuffs, moonrise 

and moonset crowning

his furrowed brow.


Tom shuts the front-door 

behind him, house

clean as a whistle

blazer pressed, medals

in regiment, zimmer frame 

waiting, he draws breath aaaaand –

shuffles, shoe-shine shuffles

towards the starting gate.



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