Little Town Poetry: The School is the town is the school, made in Chess pieces.

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The School is the town is the school, made in Chess pieces.


The school is the town is the school 

made in Chess-pieces: Knights, 

Kings, Bishops prop-up railings, 

columns, arches/ sleep in assemblies.


Pawns scatter the Market-Place on Friday,

keep beds fresh, places open – 

three al-fresco cafes, scones multiply

like seeds in the fallow meadow 


between Little Town and the village.

Humming-Birds, Kestrels survey

tracks, hoof/foot prints, pylons 

with suspicion. They do not like 


cryptic messages. We do not want 

confusion in Little Town, where 

two pubs are red and loud, 

the rest – gentle infirmaries 


like the Renaissance Convent snuck

to the Roman Wall, snaking up 

Leicester Road. History is polite. 

It rarely coughs in church but


hosts all societies: Scouts, theatricals,

WI, Guilds of fat tradesman, local histories. 

Meanwhile, the Big School mows private lawns,

teaches: how to work a chequered Board.


Boys dressed black and white push 

books uphill to Chapel, burn books

by mystic camp-fires, whack 

balls across perfect, green fields


at the top of the Cinder Track, where maids

chucked ashes from school-kitchens –

boys white as ghosts wear cream jumpers

where the private helicopters land.


Me at six, cradled by a Senior Prefect

at the Big School’s Open Day – 

gothic towers, his handsome face, 

kindness, rise and fall like Rooks.


Me at thirty-six, high up the School Arboretum 

holding court with Ash, Silver-Birch, my phone 

surveying The Town that is the School

made of Chess pieces 


rearranging them.

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