Hi & welcome. I write scripts, produce live/digital work and sometimes direct. But writing is my favourite child. You can find my body of work below. Linked above is ‘Stream-Lyric, an ACE funded CIC. We are separate but compatible beasts. Recent journalism & poetry is on the blog!



I grew up in Uppingham, a beautiful and hidden part of heritage England.  My mum had a holistic/beauty therapy business and my dad taught Speech and Drama part-time at the public school.  For a brief, intense spell we lived in Bahrain, UAE. 

My BA is in Film and I have MAs in Acting (Mountview) and Creative Writing (UEA) with thanks to: Rutland CC, The Headmistresses Benevolent Fund, Oxford School of Drama, The Harry Riddleston and Sir Thomas White charities of Leicester, NEXT PLC.

Arts Council England have funded my work as a Writer/Director/Producer since 2014 and, while based in Norwich/Peterborough, I enjoyed development from: Escalator Live Art, Menagerie Young Writers, The Arvon 42 Award, National Centre for Writing, Norwich Arts Centre, Metal Culture, Vivacity. At 17, I was one of three winners of  The Guardian Young Writer- Arvon Award.

Currently, I live in London, where I work from home as an Editorial Exec,’ while freelancing as a writer/lecturer and producing through Stream-Lyric. Sometimes I wrestle with scoliosis and Dyspraxia but mostly we do yoga together and dance.

Lives of F

Lives of F (#LivesofF) is a series of narrative poetry-films made with found-footage and describing the life-cycle of a Millennial: Baby ‘F’. Sometimes F is a girl/woman – ‘Effy’, sometimes a boy/man – ‘Fred.’ But always they are consummate performers living out significant moments through performance metaphors. No. 1 ‘Birth’ draws on Synchronised Swimming, No. 2 ‘Infancy’ is full of Circus…etc.

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Birth – Synchronised Swimming
Infancy – Circus
Effy’s Adolescence – Trampolining
Fred’s Adolescence – Singing
Young Adulthood – Acting
Adulthood – Film

Lives of F is my first pure literature project supported by Arts Council England and punctuates a shift towards exploring the scope of digital literature. A blog on the project & some thoughts on the relevance of UK arts funding can be found via the National Centre for Writing podcast.

A Week in Eden – A radio-play about Bahrain, ex-pats, first love & human rights.

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David swings on a pendulum of party highs and existential lows. Emma’s social anxiety is peaking as she rarely leaves her Mum with dementia. Petr is a Slovak whose move to the UK sends him into a mire of workplace frustration and depression. Told through fast-paced drama, poetry and film, MENTAL Play presents an unlikely peer group at a tender stage of life.

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MENTAL Play is a dark comedy about three twenty-somethings in a pilot mental health support group. Three twenty-somethings; one mental journey. Inspired by the socio-political move towards ‘parity of esteem’, MENTAL Play uses sensory stimuli to present private worlds and wicked social commentary.

The show was originally developed in partnership with OMNIA House, Mind*, Writers Centre Norwich and Norwich Arts Centre.  In 2015, MENTAL Play toured to – Camden People’s Theatre, Brighton Emporium, Peterborough Key Black-Box and The Abbey Centre, Westminster, where simultaneous giggles were heard from both young and senior audience alike. As a company, we were happy to welcome markedly diverse audiences of theatre goers, public service workers, mental health patients and many who identified as disabled or marginalised. Particularly heartening were the ‘thank yous’ offered to members of the tech’ and creative team following shows and Q&As, no more so than at The Abbey Centre. Some quotes from MENTAL feedback post-cards and industry representatives:

Mark Richards (Producer – METAL) –

‘A multi-sensory exploration of the challenges of maintaining  a positive mental attitude whilst undertaking group therapy! Sensitive but with a critical and sometimes comic eye, the show explores our desire to create a ‘care-full’ community in the 21stcentury, and the various mechanisms employed by individuals to support their personal healing ‘journey.’

‘Excellent and thought-provoking! Really enjoyed!’ – audience member

Niamh De Valera (AD, Blue Elephant Theatre) –

‘A thoughtful look at the complexities of mental health issues and treatment’.

‘An important show about an important subject…thank you!’ – audience member



David       Dominic Lindsay

Emma      Sophie Ormond

Petr          Cal Jones

Marion     Alison Mead


David         Simon J. White

Emma       Rebecca Finch

Petr            Cal Jones

Marion      Bev’ Bishop


‘Tamsin Flower’s play is deftly directed and utterly convincing, with strong performances by the cast. The text explores the difficult issues around mental health without flinching. The characters conflicting needs are brought vividly to life and uncomfortable truths explored. A challenging and original piece of theatre.’
Martin Figura (Spoken Word Artist)

Writing Testimonials

 ‘An original and sophisticated piece of new writing by an author uniquely placed to tell this story (…) real class and depth.’ – Producer/Afonica on AWIE

…adept at creating rich worlds and engaging characters and addressing interesting topics in a striking and unusual way. Clearly a skilled writer.’ – Agent, Casarotto Ramsay Associates

‘Tamsin is an artist and writer with great integrity and vision’ – Director, Colchester Arts Centre

The Book project

During 2020’s 1st lockdown, I unearthed a story that had been gestating since childhood, and with it –  a host of family scrapbooks dating back to the mid-1800s. These scrapbooks, charting the accolades of the men in my mother’s family, were kept by the women.

As a piece of auto-fiction about the women in my mother’s family, it uproots the landscape of Northern Ireland via the POV of the gentry and skips in time between experiences of: displacement, poverty/wealth, learning difficulties and self-determination. It’s working title is ‘Treasure Reclaimed’ and it’s a thing close to my heart, which I am working on with a mentor.

The Verbatim GREEN_SPACE Play Project

‘The Verbatim Green_Space Play Project’ encompassed the making of an outdoor verbatim play from a highly diverse collection of audio-interviews with volunteer gardeners of The Environment City.

Based at three of Peterborough’s burgeoning community gardens, this Creative People & Places Commission saw audiences witness their own words performed within a fictitious framework in the green spaces themselves.

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Running at 40 mins, GREEN_SPACE is a family show of light and dark shades, boasting moments such as a woman giving birth to a melon, a water-pistol offensive and choreographed interludes of live pop-flute. It also touches on prevalent themes of the interviews, such as: mental wellbeing, reclamation of identity, belonging and envisioning the future of these spaces.

Audience Quotes:
‘This was the best story that I’ve ever heard’ (Emma, young audience member)
‘Enjoyable, well acted, good music – good mix of fun & serious.’
‘We loved it…Lets see more! Thank you all.’
‘Very enjoyable. Made me laugh but was serious @ bits. Was great. Didn’t know what to expect.’
‘Bravo! Enjoyable, informative, fun.’ – Mark Richards, Producer, METAL Culture.

GREEN_SPACE was devised with Actor/Musician, Sufia Manya and actor, Roger Wentworth; and was edited from the words of volunteers at Westraven Big Local, The Olive Branch Community Garden and The Green Backyard. It was supported by the PCC Leadership Fund. This project would not have been possible without the kindness and advocacy of the late Wull Robertson. Interviews can be heard here: Soundcloud & on the Stream-Lyric Newsflow


TRANSFORMER (working title) is a mid-scale show for two actresses and two male dancers about female transformation in western film. It explores the narratives around womanhood through the prism of a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship. Norma is trapped in a journey down memory-lane, from the smoke of pre-censorship gambling dens to the hope of a 1940’s pleasure cruise. But Eddie is ambivalent about her mother’s antiquated standards and must find a way of doing career/love/life in twentieth century ways. Finally, motherhood brings Eddie and the audience into the present day and a transformation neither she nor her mother ever expected.

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In Spring 2016 Stream-Lyric undertook four weeks of intensive show development as the first resident company at The Key Theatre and also as part of my Time & Space residency at Metal Culture. The research and development version of the show was consequently platformed at Cambridge Junction’s Hotbed Festival in the Main Space. As a result, Cambridge TV also broadcast the R&D version of the ‘play with dance’ and an accompanying interview.

‘I’m really impressed, the dance and drama worked really well together.’ – Sheena Carman, Arts Programme Manager, Vivacity.

‘I really enjoyed the Mother-Daughter relationship and the way it went into shadow in the 1940s.’ – Audience member.

TRANSFORMER’s writing/research process included screenings of the stimuli films in partnership with FRAME Film Club based at Metal. These were widely attended by very diverse audiences whose contributions to the two-way Q&As unveiled a wealth of cultural expectations and individual responses to genre and the roles of women within/without the frame. The show’s dramaturgy and script was further developed in 2017 in partnership with the University of Kent’s Network of Research: Movies, Magazines and Audiences (NoRMMA) and the Melodrama Research Group. An audio recording of responses to the first discussion workshop can be found on Sound Cloud – TRANS Kent.

A link to The Melodrama Research Group’s Blog on the session: UniKentBlog

TRANSFORMER was developed with performances from TrashDollys Dance Theatre and actors, Rosanna Miles and Katie Withers with the support of Arts Council England and Vivacity Arts.



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