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Friends of the Verbatim GREEN_SPACE Play project, were asked via facebook to post their favourite flora/fauna/gardening & horticultural words in celebration of the cornucopia that is ‘green vocabulary.’ The words collated were:

Aphid, succulents, weedkiller, green-thumb, root, dead heading, dibble, crinkle-crankle, tender, meander, floribunda.

Unsurprisingly, this list seems to channel the theme of kill or be killed. So with that in mind, below are two poetry notes, which I’m going to refer to as ‘dark gardener’s whimsy.’ A dark gardener may be the horticultural twin of the ‘dark-clown.’ But we’ll see…

Miss Green favoured weedkiller above
all words in the Gardener’s encyclopedia
‘Green-Thumb’ described her trigger-finger
shooting aphids with dead-head fluid
rooting out rot as a human nail does
a splinter, planting vampire succulents
as her niece, Posy, tenders a water gun.

The day a wasp stung Miss Green
she convulsed the ha-ha, tripped
a dibble, lay disarmed in floribunda
until Jehovah’s Witnesses found her.

Ecosystem #1

Spare me your ecosystem said the Lady-Traveller
I’ve witnessed its unsympathetic components
preening on the facebook every second weekend
to survival’s detriment the preening wastes time
while other less bored beasts are getting on with it
hunting, eating, rutting, sleeping, giving-birth
fantastically David Attenborough has known this
since the age of nineteen-thirties dinosaurs, you
are looking at me as if my wits had entropied, it’s
not funny that your only tickets are for capitals
of preening where living and nonliving things
rub each other up the wrong way in proximity
achieving little harmonies so faint as to hear
Ave Maria from beneath Sage & Sea bubble-bath.


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