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Directing PR accounts for domestic companies, multinationals and EU gov’ orgs’ has made me conscious of how the principles of PR for business development are not being fully used in the Arts and Culture sector – an industry that needs to constantly consider growth.

While arts leaders quickly engage press releases and distribution to publicise specific projects, the strategy, tactics and content shaping used every day to help other kinds of companies grow in their verticals is often missing from the plans of venues, performance companies and development orgs.’ This is understandable as the services of a PR agency come at a monthly premium.

Currently, I’m offering hourly PR consultations based on project briefs from arts organisations, with potential for bundles of hours to create bespoke public relations strategies for organisational growth and development. We’ll look at types of positioning, benchmarking and generating ‘share of voice’ to achieve the perception of leadership to targeted audiences.

An hourly PR consultation for a cultural project, including research, is a neat £150, while bundles of hours for a business development PR strategy are negotiable. Feel free to send me a line at my freelance address: with an enquiry.

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